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Agricultural Fencing

Dorchester fence row installed in Devon

Stockfencing, barbed wire, plain wire, post and rail, gates and barriers:
In agriculture, fences are used to keep animals in or out of an area. They can be made from a wide variety of materials, depending on terrain, location and animals to be confined. Most agricultural fencing averages about 4 feet (1.2 m) high, and in some places, the height and construction of fences designed to hold livestock is mandated by law.

Equestrian Fencing

Equestrian Fencing Dorset

Over vast areas, barbed wire is often seen in some parts of the world, but it is the most dangerous fencing material that can be used around horses, even in a large pasture. Various types of smooth wire fencing, particularly when supported by a strand of electric fence, can be used to enclose a large pasture of several acres, and is one of the least expensive fencing options. A wire fence should have at least four, preferably five strands to provide adequate security.

Forest Fencing

Deer Fencing for Forests installed in Dorset

The deer fence specification is for protection of a managed area from all types of deer and a combination of these with cattle and/or sheep. The minimum fence height for protection against roe deer is 1.5 metres. The minimum fence height for protection against red, sika or fallow deer is 1.8 metres. You must use woven high tensile, mild steel or welded rectangular mesh. The netting can vary from half to full length.

Domestic Fencing

Close Board Fencing is renowned for its strength and versatility, without sacrificing its appearance.Formed by vertical feather-edge boards that each partially overlap and fix to the rear horizontal supporting wooden rails.

Picket Fence is a traditional style of fencing produced from wooden pales attached to a rail with gaps.

Paddock Maintenance

We are also able to offer paddock maintenance / grassland management using a compact tractor with grass tires to minimise ground damage. The equipment can be transported anywhere by trailer.

Local Authority Fencing

Birdsmouth fencing (also referred to as knee rail fencing) is popular for creating an attractive and strong boundary, birdsmouth fencing is particularly popular in car parks or play areas.

A kissing gate is a type of gate which allows people to pass through, but not livestock. The normal construction is a half-round, rectangular, trapezoidal or V-shaped enclosure with a hinged gate trapped between its arms. When the gate is parked at either side of the enclosure, there is no gap to pass through.

Forestry services

At Dorset-fencing, we have a long history working on projects that involve woodland and forest – including tree felling, timber extraction, hedge cutting, scrub clearance and creating access paths and roads where once only trees and scrub grew. Whether you are a forestry organisation or a property owner we have the equipment and expertise to meet all your requirements – whatever size the job!

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